Is there any correlation between nofollow links and search ranking? Do broken links affect your site's visibility in search engines?

"Nofollow" is not a joking term used by SEO professionals to make it sound more critical. Nofollow is an HTML feature that has been around for 14 years.

At its most basic level, nofollow is a hyperlink feature that tells Google not to pass PageRank, so Google doesn't track those links.

You can control any link on your website (both external websites and internal pages).

There are also links out of your control - when another site links to you but labels it as an unrestricted link.

But is there any correlation between unrelated links and ranking?

There is a lot of ambiguity surrounding this subject. Let's go down.

Note: NoFollow links are ranking factors.

Are Nofollow Links A Google Ranking Factor?

Do Nofollow Links Provide Any Value?

Nofollow links aren't just pretty. This was a way for search engines to ignore spam or low quality links.

To protect your site from dark tricks, check out the non-tools.

It's in your source code;

<a href.

But do Nofollow links affect your ranking?

Reference evidence for nofollow link as a ranking factor

Google introduced the nofollow link attribute in 2005 to help website owners fight spam. Google requires that you include a link attribute if you exchange links from websites.

If you don't catch on, Google can punish you with affiliate schemes.

That's when landing links were introduced. The nofollow tag tells search engines to ignore the redirect URL.

Google can penalize you for not using links, will it help your rankings?

In September 2019, Google's Gary Ellis confirmed that the guidelines serve as "guidelines".

Google's Danny Sullivan agreed to support Ellis's comments about fake links.

These claims are supported by an article published by Google;

"When NoFollow was introduced, Google would not consider a link as part of our search algorithm. Now that has changed. All link attributes - Sponsor, UGC and NoFollow - are indicators of links that should be considered." Remove from search.

For proper analysis and better understanding with these systems, we use other symbols along with these instructions. ".

On September 10, 2019, Google introduced two new features;

These features are designed to help Google understand the intent behind the link.

Sponsored Links (rel="sponsored") Use links for advertising, promotion, or sponsorship purposes.

UGC links (rel="ugc") are used by non-advertising content creators.

Can nofollow links hurt your site?

Matt Cutts shared a video posted on YouTube on September 9, 2013 in Google Search Central, links to your site don't hurt.

No, links usually cannot harm your site. So, a very quick answer. ".

Can I use the nofollow tag to control indexing?


Adding the nofollow tag attribute to your link does not mean that Google will index your site.

The best way to save your budget is to use the noindex attribute or other methods like disallowing robots.txt files.

Nofollow rating links as a sign: our rating

While links with the nofollow tag are not ignored, status tags are not.

Interestingly, fake links do not directly affect your ranking, it is obvious to see the small signs it shows to Google and the search engines.

If you read between the lines, these "instructions" we give Google allow you to ask Google to remove the link, but the final decision rests with Google in "some" cases.

Finally, in most cases your rating will not be affected.