Does your domain extension affect your SEO? Google's John Mueller answers questions about the SEO impact of domains.

Google Search Consultant John Mueller answers questions about whether your domain extension affects SEO and other questions related to the search impact of domain choices.

These questions are answered in the latest installment of YouTube's Ask Googlebot video series. vs. other domain extensions, gTLDs vs. ccTLDs, www vs. Answers questions about non-www and comparison with others.

All the questions in the video, along with Mueller's full answers.

Is Domain Extension Important for SEO? John Mueller of Google explains

Are .com domains better?

The first question is the most common, especially among first-time domain registrants.

Are .com domains better than others?

The questioner also asks if it's okay to use a new extension like the .space domain.

Mueller says:

“Of course. New top-level domains (TLDs) are on par with generic top-level domains like .com when it comes to SEO. Choose your favorite, there are many options. ".

WWW or non-WWW domains?

Is it better to use the www or non-www version of the domain name?

Mueller says:

"You can use whatever you want. Google's systems have no preference. Sometimes there are technical reasons to go one way, but most of the time it's personal preference."

Rel = canonical across different domain types

Can the rel=canonical link element be used in different TLDs? Comparable to ccTLDs and GTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains) (Country Code Top Level Domains).

Mueller says:

“Yes, you can do it. The rel=canonical link element is not limited to the same domain name. ".

Country-specific domain extensions for the global network

Can CcTLDs Work for the World Wide Web?

Mueller says:

"Yes. While a country code domain name helps geo-target our systems, it also provides global visibility."

The only limitation is that you cannot specify other countries for geotargeting. For example, if you have a .fr site for France, you can use it globally. But you apparently can't geo target users in Brazil. ".


According to what we have got, it is clear that the domain extension is more of a personal preference and it has nothing to do with our SEO.